Medical Marijuana and Train Travel

Taking medical cannabis with you while traveling by train has been a sensitive topic even if you live in a state where recreational marijuana is allowed.

Whether you’ll travel soon or not, it’s still essential for you to be aware of the ideal practices you can do to lower your chances of having to deal with law enforcers.

This article will explain what you need to know when traveling with marijuana by train and which states are okay with the idea and which countries aren’t.

Top 2 Safe Practices

  • Bring your latest medical card as well as your doctor’s prescription all the time
  • Carry only the amount you need for personal use, and don’t flaunt the drug to everyone.

States Where It’s Safe



You can possess up to 2.5 oz. of cannabis if you’re a qualified visiting patient. To be one, you need to own an acceptable out-of-state medical cannabis card. You shouldn’t be an Arizona resident too. Take note that you can legally carry marijuana if you’re a visiting patient, but you’re not allowed to buy any medical cannabis in Arizona.


You can carry the medical marijuana you got from Grow For 420 up to 30 days upon entering Maine, but you’re not allowed to purchase from local dispensaries.


marijuana-weed-cannabisMichigan only has mutual agreements with the other five states that are on this list of safe countries. You can travel to Michigan as long as you follow the ideal practices mentioned earlier.


You can travel by train to Nevada while bringing your medical cannabis as long as you have a license. You can even purchase marijuana in Nevada—just be sure to buy only from one dispensary.



Even if you have a medical card with you, possessing cannabis might be difficult in Oregon because the state doesn’t recognize cards unless they were issued in the country. You can, however, r register for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program if you want to travel to the state. That doesn’t guarantee a safe train ride though.

Rhode Island

As long as you’re a patient with a valid medical card, and you’re not carrying more than what you need, then it’s safe to travel with marijuana to Rhode Island by train. You can also bring and consume medical cannabis there.

States to Avoid:

If you’re planning to visit these countries, make sure you’re not carrying cannabis with you!


Possessing any amount of marijuana can send you to prison with a fine of $6,000. If you carry cannabis concentrates, you can be locked up for up to 10 years.

Georgia, Indiana, Missouri

You’ll be charged a fine of $1,000 and be incarcerated for up to one year if you carry an ounce of cannabis.

Texas flag map

Carrying less than one ounce of cannabis can imprison you for up to 180 days. You’ll also be fined $2,000.


Wherever you’ll go, it’s best to read the cannabis possession regulations of each state and the train station first before you travel.

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