train ride

Not to scare you or anything, but I’m sure you’ve heard about those kind of incidents during train rides. Be it someone accidentally falling on the railway tracks or getting your bag stolen with no way of recovering it, your safety must always be prioritized.

Here are some ways to keep yourself safe during train rides:

Be aware of the house rules.

Even when you’re inside a small building, you must adhere to its house rules. What more in a train station? For most train stations, their house rules include not eating anything while boarding and not smoking any cigarettes. For other train stations, their house rules include not taking pictures of the vehicle itself and not using any cellphones while on board.

Be mindful of the criminal acts.

Whether you’re riding a train from Manchester to Doncaster for a weekend getaway or riding a train from home to work for an entire week, you should know what not to do. Some criminal acts when riding trains include being drunk, sleeping intentionally, using profanity, and roaming around longer than necessary.

Don’t push yourself.

Even if you’re running late on schedule, don’t push yourself – be it cutting stretched lines just to get tickets or pushing others away just to ride comfortably. One, cutting in stretched lines is a mark of bad etiquette. Two, pushing others away is a clear mark of bad attitude. Either way, it’s disrespectful – not just to the train staff and to the daily commuters, but also to yourself.

Stay alert.

This also goes for parents. Always remember, prevention is better than cure. When it comes to riding trains, preventing yourself from doing things like hovering too close at the railway platform’s edge or turning a blind eye on your personal things will help keep yourself safe – not just during train rides, but also during other transportation rides like on the bus and on the plane.

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