Rail journeys may be a slower way to travel. But its charms make for memorable experiences. From beautiful old carriages to the comforts and amenities of modern trains, train travel can be full of pleasant surprises. Add the scenic views of picturesque countryside, majestic landscape, glacier-fed lakes, and towering mountains among many others and you have the makings of a spectacular trip. And last but not the least there are the train stations particularly the spectacular ones that will leave you in awe.

Antwerpen-Centraal (Antwerp, Belgium)
Antwerpen-Centraal or Antwerp Central serves as the main station for the city of Antwerp in Belgium. Its unique architecture has many interesting features including a big dome. The building is made out of different types of marbles and stones.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was formerly known as Victoria Terminus but was later named after the founder of the Maratha Empire. Its captivating architecture is a blend of different styles including traditional Indian Mughal. The overall effect is an impressive and breathtaking façade that is hard to miss not just for its sheer size.

Gare du Nord (Paris, France)
Gare du Nord
Gare du Nord in Paris is beautiful inside and out. Its exterior features more than twenty statues representing various destinations that the railway company serves. The spacious station features soaring windows that provide natural lighting further adding to the interiors’ charms.

Grand Central Terminal (New York, USA)
Grand Central Terminal
This bustling station is teeming with people and interesting sights including the stunning details in the architecture. This grand terminal has many features including the sculptures and the gigantic Tiffany clock in its exterior. Inside the station, some of the must-sees include the painted ceiling in the Main Concourse, Biltmore Room or The Kissing Room, and the Whispering Gallery near the Oyster Bar among many others.

Kanazawa Station (Kanazawa, Japan)
Kanazawa Station
The Kanazawa Station is a modern structure that seems like a departure from the city’s more traditional attractions. But whatever initial misgivings some of the building’s critics may have eventually disappeared as the effect somehow add to the city’s innate charm. The station features a Motenashi or “Welcome” Dome that mimics the shape of an umbrella and a Tsuzumi-mon which is a red gate shaped like the traditional hand drums called tsuzumi.

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